“Ildiko is a superb therapist and masseur. She has an excellent technique – full of energy and vitality combined with a sense of ease that is wonderfully relaxing.”

Stirling Murray

“After starting a desk job a year or so ago I’ve found my back and shoulders aching at the end of the week. An hour session with Ildiko works wonders for my back, shoulders and neck and I feel less stiff and more flexible. She is strong (they don’t call her ‘Little Terminator’ for nothing) but extremely effective. Very professional throughout and always ends with a relaxing face massage. I highly recommend Ildiko.”

Benjamin Barling – South Woodford

“I was first referred to Ildiko following a neck operation to remove a prolapsed disc in my neck. I was still getting stiffness and pain in my shoulder blade and shoulder region and massage therapy was recommended. Boy, am I glad I found Ildiko! She is gentle enough to protect my neck but definitely strong enough to remove the multiple knots in my shoulder.  Ildiko’s treatments always leave you a little sore the next day but by day two it’s like magic…The knots are gone and my shoulders, back and neck feel terrific. I’ve recommended many of my friends who are also in the medical profession to Ildiko and they have also become regular clients, a testimony to her professionalism and skill. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Misha Patel – South Woodford

“I am fortunate in that I do not suffer with any particular muscle issues but I do find tension builds in my upper body due to stress of every day life and as result I try to ensure I have regular massages for relaxation purposes. I have experienced numerous different masseuses over the years but since I found Ildiko I haven’t gone anywhere else! She really places the emphasis on the importance of what I need, rather than providing a generic massage. I always feel like I have a new lease of life after a massage with Ildiko! I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Shoshanna Mitchell – Hemel Hempstead